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Illustration: Meet Nancy

February 8, 2017

“Nancy” by Erika Lynne Jones

Meet Nancy! She is the second of four characters in the natural baby care book about the Ten Building Blocks of Organic Baby Care. I’m working on the book’s proposal now, and look forward to revealing more about her later. She is a new stay at home mom turned DIY Diva. She is uncovering her passion for writing and sharing with others in her new role and loving it. Stay tuned for two more of her friends soon.

The process i used to create her was quite similar to the one for Gabrielle. I started out with a rough sketch inspired by her character traits and then traced her onto better quality paper. Before painting I played around with color placement using color pencils. It seems to take away my fear of “messing up” with paint and keep the creative process moving forward. If I don’t like the color pencil choices I can just try it again on another photocopy. The more I plan, the more I like the final result.

What do you do to push past the fear of “messing up” a project that means a great deal to you?

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