August 2, 2017


by Erika Lynne Jones

Quiet expresser of emotion

Guardian of hearts, yet often at the expense of his own

Protector of our rights

Maker of traditions: egg nog, Christmas tree dashes and fireworks are my favorite

Provider for his girls,

Lou, Kim and Erika, in ways we did not see, know or understand

Singer of carols, doo-wop and love songs (we know, you could have been a famous man).

Humor at every occasion: weddings, funerals, midnight masses.

The more stoic, the more laughter.

Collector of trains, chess sets and everything really.

Master storyteller

Charismatic leader in his work and community at large

Loyal to family, friends and his brotherhood of crimson and cream

Thrill seeker: roller coaster companion, fast drives to Forest Park

Passionate debater of all topics

Teacher of many; especially me

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